We need models for the future which are able to represent reality in all its shades and which enable us to define meaningful goals. The main goal is to stimulate the imaginative power of each single person. This is the only model for the future.

Hans-Peter Dürr


In our modern society organizational success is measured by analyzing the figures of the financial statement and by evaluating the quality of the "Digital Strategy".

"Digital Strategy" means the involvement of each employee, customer and partner in the process of transformation of corporate resources, in particular that of creativity of the human resources. The aim of the "Digital Strategy" is to set the conditions for the integration and usage of creative resources in the new digital technologies.

For the implementation of the digital strategy BiwH and its partners have developed a modularized consultancy approach made up of five topics. The service modularization enables the customization of approach to the needs of each single organization.

Our goal is to support your organization in the challenge of digital transformation and disruptive change. We help you to analyse and interpret the possibilities of the digital revolution. This enables you to gain new perspectives for the evaluation of knowledge and to include them into your digital future.


The digitization of the worldmore on this.